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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What type of permits might be needed for electrical work on my home and will Rod Electric handle that process?
    Different types of permits may be needed for different types of residential or commercial electrical projects. For example, when you upgrade an electrical panel, a permit is required to shut off the main power feed coming into and out of your home or office. Don’t worry though, this is something we do all the time. Obtaining the right permits is included as a part of the service we provide as your preferred electrician.
  • What’s the process for digging up electrical wires on my property?
    Digging for electrical purposes is called electrical wire trenching. This is necessary for some jobs, if we need to access the electric feed. In these cases, we’ve partnered with a local professional excavator who takes care of the entire process from start to finish. This includes coordinating with the city and other service providers to mark any gas lines, internet lines, water lines, etc, as well as clean up.
  • What happens if Rod Electric needs to cut into my drywall to complete electrical work?
    Depending on the type of home and the attic access, we may need to cut into drywall in order to hide wires and run electricity to the desired location. We make that process as seamless as possible by doing the least cutting we can using dedicated tools and vacuums to keep your area free of dust. We work closely with a trusted drywall and paint professional to whom we can refer you for seamless, quick repairs.
  • What is the difference between a 200 amp panel or a 600 amp panel?
    A 200 amp panel is what is more commonly used in single family homes. This is plenty to fully power lights, refrigerators, air conditioners, etc. However, if you have a home with more square footage and plan to power larger machines, commercial equipment, or heavy electrical loads, a 600 amp panel may be your best option.
  • How much will my electricity bill increase will an electric car charger?
    On average you can expect anywhere from a $30-60 per month increase in your electricity bill.
  • When performing electrical work, how does the age of my house affect the process?
    Older homes can require a different set of permits due to the historical significance or architecture of your home.

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