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Recessed Lighting

Illuminate your space with energy efficiency and clearer definition through our expertly installed recessed lighting. At Rod Electric, we take pride in transforming ordinary spaces into the extraordinary with our professional recessed lighting installation services.

Why Choose Recessed Lighting?


Recessed lights are preferred by many because of their unparalleled quality and definition in brightness. Say goodbye to dull and uneven lighting, as your newly installed recessed lights create an atmosphere that is not just well-lit but also visually stunning.


Crystal Clear Definition: Recessed lights redefine the meaning of clarity. Enjoy a level of precision and sharpness in your lighting that other types simply can't match.


Energy Efficiency at its Best: Witness a reduction in your energy bills without compromising on the brilliance of your lighting. Recessed lights are designed to be energy-efficient, ensuring you get the most out of every watt.


Dimmable Lighting: Control the ambiance with ease. Recessed lights are dimmable, allowing you to tailor the lighting to suit every mood and occasion. From bright and vibrant to soft and intimate, the power is in your hands.


Our Recessed Lighting Installation Process:

We understand that every space is unique, and so is our approach. Our skilled electricians ensure a seamless installation process tailored to your specific needs. Here's how we make it happen:


Precision Drilling: We take the guesswork out of the equation. Our experts drill holes precisely according to the size of the recessed lights, ensuring a snug fit and a sleek finish.


Switched to Perfection: Say goodbye to complicated controls. We run power from a strategically placed switch to each light, giving you ultimate control at your fingertips.

Recessed Lightng

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling Fans are a must to keep cool and to keep electricity costs down in our hot Phoenix climate. Ceiling fan installation is a speciality here at Rod Electric. 

Our Ceiling Fan Installation Process:


Tailored Placement for Your Home: We install your ceiling fan exactly where you want it. Whether it's the living room, bedroom, or any other space, our team ensures your fan is mounted in the preferred location for optimal airflow.


Solid Support: Your safety is our priority. Our skilled electricians install a fan-rated box that provides robust support, ensuring the weight of your ceiling fan is securely held in place. No wobbling, no worries – just a steady and reliable breeze.


Effortless Control: Experience convenience at your fingertips. We run power from a fan/light controller switch, giving you complete control over both the fan speed and lighting. Adjust the atmosphere with ease, creating the perfect ambiance for any occasion.

ceiling fan installation in Phoenix.
Ceiling Fans

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Electrical Outlets
Installing Electrical Outlet

New Electrical Outlets

If you find yourself constantly grappling with inconveniently placed power outlets or facing the need for additional power sources, we can help. Our expert electricians specialize in seamlessly installing new electrical outlets.


Our Outlet Installation Services


Tailored Electrical Outlet Placement: Whether it's due to design constraints or simply an oversight in your home's initial wiring, we can relocate or add power outlets to better suit your needs. Our skilled electricians assess your space to strategically place outlets where you need them most, enhancing the functionality and convenience of your living or working areas.


Seamless Connection to Existing Outlets: Installing new outlets doesn't mean a complete overhaul of your electrical system. We can connect new outlets to existing ones, minimizing disruption and ensuring a smooth integration. This means you get the additional power you need without sacrificing the integrity of your current setup.


Dedicated Power Circuits: For situations that demand a more robust power solution, we provide dedicated circuit installations. This ensures that specific appliances or areas receive a consistent and reliable power supply without overloading existing circuits. Our team evaluates your requirements and installs dedicated power circuits tailored to your unique needs, promoting safety and efficiency.

Wall Sconces

We specialize in the expert installation of wall sconces, bringing a touch of ambient lighting that enhances the atmosphere of any room. Whether you're looking to upgrade your bathroom, illuminate hallways, or accentuate an outdoor wall, our team has the expertise to make it happen seamlessly.

Elevate Your Space with Wall Sconces


Ambient Lighting Excellence: Wall sconces are a beautiful choice for achieving ambient lighting in your home. They not only provide functional illumination but also contribute to the overall aesthetic appeal of your space. Our electricians understand the art of lighting placement, ensuring that your wall sconces create the perfect balance between form and function.


Dimmable Elegance: Customize the ambiance of your space with our dimmable wall sconce installations. We connect your sconces to a switch that not only turns them on and off but allows you to adjust the brightness to suit any mood or occasion. Experience the versatility of dimmable lighting that adds an extra layer of elegance and control to your environment.

wall sconce installation in Phoenix.
Wall Sconces
pendant lighting installation Phoenix.

Pendant Lighting

Whether it's above your kitchen island, casting a warm glow over dining room tables, or creating a focal point in any room, our expert electricians are the best in town for installing pendant lighting in your home.


Endless Possibilities with Pendant Lighting


Pendant Light Centerpieces: Pendant lights are more than just sources of illumination; they're stunning centerpieces that can transform the entire ambiance of a room. Our electricians understand the art of pendant light placement, ensuring that they become focal points that enhance the aesthetic appeal of your space.


Ideal Locations: From the heart of your kitchen above the island to the intimate setting of your dining room table, we know where and how to install pendant lights for maximum impact. Our team works closely with you to determine the perfect locations, considering both the practical needs and the aesthetic preferences of your space.


Tailored Pendant Light Hang Heights: The beauty of pendant lighting lies in its versatility, and the optimal height for hanging these lights depends on their location. Our electricians meticulously calculate and customize the heights based on where the pendant lights are installed. Whether you prefer a cozy, intimate glow or a more expansive illumination, we ensure the pendant lights are hung at the perfect height for your specific space.


Our Pendant Lighting Installation Process


Power from Switch to Ceiling Box: To bring your pendant lighting to life, we run power from a switch to create a dedicated electrical connection for your lights. Our expert electricians install ceiling boxes that not only support the weight of the pendant lights but also ensure a safe and secure installation.

Pendant Lighting

More of Our Phoenix Electrical Contractor Services

There is no electrical job too big or too small!

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Electric Vehicle Charger Station Installations

• Electric Service & Panel Upgrades
• Indoor Lighting, Hi-Hats & Ceiling Fans
Outdoor Lighting & Landscape Lighting
Outlets, Switches, Plugs & GFCI
LED Lighting & Dimmer Switches
• Exhaust & Attic Fans
• Smoke Alarms & CO2 Detectors
• Security Cameras
• Circuit Breakers & Fuses
• Pools, Hot Tubs & Pool Heaters
• Electric Hot Water Heaters
• Generators
• New Wiring & Renovations
• Violation Corrections
and Much More!


We specialize in all aspects of commercial electric and lighting from new wiring to upgrades and repairs.

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Our professional outdoor landscape lighting adds beauty, character and safety to your home or business

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Whether you want an EV charger installed at your home or your business, we've got you covered.

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